• Tech Contact: Graham Mellor, 401-595-2359, Graham@SoundAdviceRI.com

    Parking: On street directly in front of theater; will be coned off
    Load In: Thru front door of venue, down center aisle, up 16’ ramp
    Stage Dimensions: 34 Ft Wide, 20 Ft Deep, 17’-3” Deck Height. Stage 48” from ground
    Power: 3 Phase/ 200 Amp. Pass thru House Audio via Cam-Lok, Rev N&G

    Molly Pritchard, 401-526-3386, molly@greenwichodeum.com
    Dressing Room: Back stage, private restroom

  • Audio Spec:

    • 6 DB Technologies T4 Line Array, Per side. Ground Stacked on subs
    • 4 EAW SB1000 Subs
    • All FOH via Clair I/O Lake. Tablet Controlled
    • 12 Clair/Showco SRM Wedges, 12 Mixes Clair I/O Lake Processed
    • 2 - QSC KW181 Drum Subs
    • 2 - CAT5E Cables from FOH to Stage Right

    Lighting Spec:

    • 10 Source 4 575 on front Bar. 8 -ColorADO LED Par Fixtures, all DMX Controlled.
    • Various pars and Fresnels in Grid on DMX Dimmers.
    • 30’ Upstage lighting truss available on request.
    • NSI 7042 Lighting Controller, 1 DMX Universe Terminating in SR Dimmer Room.


    • Available upon request.


  • The Greenwich Odeum can accommodate 1 Touring Coach on site. The three parking spaces directly in front of the Greenwich Odeum will accommodate a 45’ Nightliner. If you are carrying a trailer, the 5 spaces past the cross walk will need to be used. In this case, the 3 spaces in front of the Odeum cannot also be used. If you have BobTail, there is a lot directly behind the theater you can park in. Semi parking and additional bus parking is within walking distance off of Main Street.

  • Stage:

  • The load in is down the center aisle and up a ramp to the toe of the stage. The stage has 20’ of useable depth, 34 feet of useable width, and it’s 17’ from the deck to the ceiling. The stage is 48” from the Theatre floor. Space between the chairs on either side of the aisle is 40”. There are no moveable pipes in the theater, but an upstage truss can be advanced. Audio is ground stacked on stage SL and SR.

    The downstage lighting pipe does not move, front lighting is focused via ladder. It is 10 lights on 5 circuits. Stage Pin cabling.

  • Seating Chart: